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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Voter ID Supreme Court Ruling…the Republicans trying to steal the election…again

The Supreme Court ruled that states can require voters to produce photo IDs in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote. There are a lot of problems with that ruling, and it is indeed a politically motivated ruling.
Citizens are already required to produce documentation when registering to vote initially, so asking us to produce documentation again at the polling place is an undue burden to all of us. If someone could produce proof that we have a widespread voting fraud problem then we could understand why a measure like that could be necessary.
But the reality is that the groups that will likely have the most troubles producing a photo ID are the poor, minorities, the elderly and disabled. All these constituencies lean democratic, are outraged with republicans, are more motivated to vote in 2008 and have the more to loose if cannot vote.
So, it is not surprising that republican state legislatures and governors are trying to win at all cost, even of that means disenfranchising all these sectors of their population. After all we have seen that republicans don't care about counting votes (Florida 2000), but win at all cost.
I guess that after installing the President of the United States in 2000, the Supreme Court feels all powerful now and are making sure their bosses stay in power.

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