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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mainstream Media Disservice on this election


If you haven't realized it yet, the main stream media is treating John McCain with silk gloves. And while it is true that for sensationalist purposes the democratic primary provides more material, that is not an excuse to give a pass to McCain on issues where they would be all over Hillary or Barack.
The reality is that the press is in love with John McCain and long time ago they decided that John McCain just deserves to be President. What nobody expected was the rise of Barack Obama as the political phenomenon he resulted to be. So, President McCain was now threatened by this young, smart and articulate black man that breaking with all molds and expectations, jumped to the front of the line in the presidential race.
So, the mission was clear. To destroy Barack Obama's aspirations, while obviously maintaining the impression of fairness in reporting. So, what we have seen lately is the same tactic used against Howard Dean and his infamous scream. Repeat, pander and hammer over the same inconsequential issues that nothing has to do with the real issues, but that could be easily spinned into media frenzy, raising doubts in the minds of those voters who does not have either the time, capacity or inclination to dig more for the truth.
Knowing that a big chunk of the voting population just pays attention to oversimplified sound bites, it is easy to link and tag to Obama's image and reputation one-worded ideas that create doubts like patriotism, anti American reverend, flag hater, naïve, inexperienced, etc., etc., etc.
So while:
We have Americans dying in Iraq due to John McCain's friends' lies,
While people are dying here in America on a daily basis just because they don't have access to the right medical care at the right time,
While our youngsters drop from school at higher numbers then ever before,
While families are losing their homes and becoming literally homeless,
While breadwinners are losing their jobs,
While drugs and guns destroy America,
While kids are being raped,
While children and seniors go to bed every night without a warm supper,
While children has to start a school day with an empty stomach because they are too poor to afford a breakfast on a daily basis,
While the economy is in ruins with one man and one party managing to transform the largest surplus in history to the largest deficit in history in less than a decade,
While we have lost our power and standing to stand up to communist China because everyday they own more of America than Americans,
While all this happens our press spent the limited time available to inform and educate the people in senseless fabricated issues and sound bites instead of what the candidates have to say and propose on the real issues.

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