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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

John McShame also abandons veterans

Along with the long standing republican tradition of letting people to hang dry and abandoning them to their luck, John McShame does not support the new GI Bill that updates the old program to the current education realities veterans face when coming back from war and try to get the education they were led to believe will receive when joined the armed forces. As many student veterans put it when interviewed, the few hundred dollars a month they received only pays for transportation.
Even though the current proposed bill has broad support from both sides, the White House expresses concerns that the proposed bill is "too good". John McShame has jumped into that boat proposing a competing bill that is more in accord with the W.H. Now we have said in the past that John McSame is just that, John McBush in disguise and a continuation of the Bush administration. What better proof than Bush, Cheney and Rice saying JUMP! and McCain just asking how high? If Bush is a corporate mole and a puppet of his corporate masters, then what can be worse than a puppet of the puppet?
Anyway, the proposed GI Bill is "too good" according to McCain and the White House, but I guess the "too good" wasn't brought when asking our young men and women to give their limbs and lives in Iraq. It is too good to give them enough money to study, but they are not too good to die.

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