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Sunday, November 28, 2010

GOP Takeover of the South, an Opportunity for Liberals

This is a very interesting article from Politico.

The GOP have swiped state legislatures in the south and the few Democratic state legislators left are rushing to switch parties to the GOP. Of course the reasons for this will be the subject of many books in the future.

However, instead of looking at the glass half empty, Liberals should view the glass as half full. Those Democrats defeated or switching parties were conservative Democrats after all. It is not that Liberals are losing a ton of allies.

The important thing is that this is an opportunity for Liberals to start building a movement from the ground up in those red states. A movement that must start with promotion of the Liberal philosophy of life and governing. Not the Liberalism according to the right wing, but the real Liberalism. After all the Liberal philosophy is about being Americans and about social responsibility of everyone toward everyone, from the poorest and homeless to the richest person in town.

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