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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goals Of The Liberal Philosophy Of Life And Governing

Liberalism is about:

  • Ending poverty; 
  • Real, affordable education for everyone, so everybody can compete in the job market and has the means to feed, clothe and house themselves; 
  • Real affordable health care for all, not only emergency care when may be too late and more expensive, or only for those lucky enough to have the money to paid for it;
  • Global commerce and competition but on fair terms;
  • Protection of workers, their health, working environment and provide them with decent wages and benefits;
  • Retiring proud after a life of work, service and contribution to society and having the means to live with dignity versus retiring with fears of not having adequate housing, health care or food;
  • Living your life with minimum intrusion from the government;
  • A government that works for the people, not for the interests of greedy corporation, millionaires or industries;
  • Keeping religion at the church, not influencing policy decisions.
An the list continues.

Liberalism is about making society works the best way possible. Nothing is perfect and it is very difficult to create a just nation when a large segment of it is moved by greed, hate, bigotry, intolerance, consumerism, selfishness.

However, it is our responsibility to continue, to move forward, to never stop. America needs a refresher course on what the Liberal agenda proposes. It is the only way to counter the greed, selfishness, intolerance and bigotry that some want to take the country back to.

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well said.