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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Palin and right wing paranoia. Where is the inteligent debate?

Sarah Palin is definitely as crazy as the birthers or even crazier;
but the big picture here is that the ones attending the now infamous
Town Hall meetings with the purpose of disrupting the events,
embarrass the Congress persons and effectively shutting down debate
are precisely the ones who love Sarah Palin. They are the ones who
believe the birther's conspiracy theory that the President of the
United States is not an American citizen and the fanatics who shouted
"kill him" referring to Obama in the last days of the McCain/Palin

If opponents of reform should be embarrassed by these and comments
like "death panels" and government officials knocking the doors of
seniors to ask them "how they want to die" or "disposing of those who
do not pay taxes anymore"; add to that the death threats to Rep Brad
Miller, the swastika on Rep David Scott's office and the Twitter
posting I highlighted of a right wing nut stating that the families of
members of Congress should be "whacked" so members of Congress "get
the message" (

And in the meantime, there has been very little discussion of the
25,000 who died every year due to lack of health coverage, the 14,000
who lose coverage daily, the $1.2 trillion wasted out of our $2.4
trillion healthcare system according to PricewaterhouseCooper, the 62%
of bankruptcies due to medical bills, the almost 50 million who are
constantly uninsured, the 80+ million who at any given moment go
without insurance during the year, the $150billion /year cost in
preventable errors, how our $2.4 trillion healthcare system will
double to a $4.8 trillion system in less than 10 years if we do
nothing, etc., etc, etc.

People are dying out there, they need this reform badly and the only
thing we get from opponents is how bad reform is for insurance
companies, how bad competition from a public option is for insurance
companies and how socialist is to have health care reform. (and this
is not even counting how doing health reform is "against the
Constitution" and Senator Specter going to hell for supporting health

More intelligent discussion and less lunacy. Can opponents of health
reform provide that? We will see.

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