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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Facism: A characteristic of the Right

What makes these people right-wing extremists is that they not only
adopt right-wing political positions, they take them to their most
extreme logical (if that's the word for it) outcome:

They not only oppose abortion, they believe abortion providers should
be killed.

They not only believe that liberal elites control the media and
financial institutions, but that a conniving cabal of Jews is at the
heart of this conspiracy to destroy America.

They not only despise Big Government, they believe it is part of a New
World Order plot to enslave us all.

They not only defend gun rights avidly, they stockpile them out of
fear that President Obama plans to send in U.N. troops to take them
away from citizens.

They not only oppose homosexuality as immoral, they believe gays and
lesbians deserve the death penalty.

They not only oppose civil-rights advances for minorities, they also
believe a "race war" is imminent, necessary and desirable.

And on and on.

Every part of the agenda of the agenda of right-wing
extremists is essentially an extreme expression of conservative
positions. And that, fundamentally, is why American fascism always has
been and always will be, properly understood, an unmistakable
phenomenon of the Right.

Via Crooks&Liars

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