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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who is helping and Who is not in Healthcare Reform

I see that many of the players are doing their part in healthcare
reform: Government, Hospitals are doing their part ($155 billion),
Pharma even though they havent contributed a penny to the reform, is
sort of doing something (but not enough) in pledging $80 billion to
mitigate the Part D donut hole.

However the big MIAs are the Insurance Companies. Instead of coming to
the table to work they are spending $1.4 million a day in lobby
efforts to stop reform and competition from a public option.

The two big industries that profit more from our broken healthcare
industry: Pharma and Insurance Companies are either contributing the
less (Pharma) or doing nothing and obstructing the reform (Insurance

Brokers, Consultants should be investing their efforts in start
defining how their roles and services will be needed after reform is
enacted. Because dont get me wrong, after reform passes, the services
of Consultants and Brokers will be needed more than ever to help the
millions of companies and individuals to sort through the new system.
I dont see any efforts from the broker/consultant community to address

It is time to work not to complain and obstruct.

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