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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

State of our Nation's Health Care

-Our current healthcare systems costs us $2.4 trillion a year,
-It leaves 50 million constantly to hang dry and 80+ million every year go without coverage at some point.
-Many die every year just from preventable and treatable conditions because they don't have either access or ways to pay for care.
-Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies.
-Large companies are shifting more and more cost to employees.
-Mid size companies are either dropping their health plans, shifting cost to employees or going into more and more catastrophic coverages.
-Small biz just cant offer health coverage because of the cost, period.
-And lets not talk about retirees and how their health plans are dropping like flies.
-And let's not talk either how the quality and the outcomes of the care we get for the "bargain' price of $2.4 trillion is well below many other countries, less "developed" than us.
-And let's not talk about the healthcare inflation that will bankrupt the rest of us in 10 years.

However after all this beautiful, perfect, rosy and dreamy, scenario, what many like the Republican party, the insurance industry and their $1.4 million/day lobby budget and some medical providers like the Mayo Clinic that profit from our broken insurance system by charging $5,000 for a physical and the so called blue dogs and conservative democrats propose is

...just wait
...don't rush
...lets think about it
...take it easy
...whats to hurry

While those stalling reform are profiting from the broken system, people keep dying and going bankrupt and many others are in danger of suffering the same fate each day we delay this.

Our healthcare crisis is a national problem and requires everybody to cooperate. It is only fair that those who has been blessed with more, give more as mandated.

If don't achieve healthcare reform now it wont happen for at least 50 years. In the meantime many more will die and go bankrupt including many businesses...and the French will continue to have the best healthcare system in the world according to the World Health organization (WHO).

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