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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin's 17 year old pregnant daughter is not the issue...McCain's judgement is the issue

This is serious business. Palin's pregnant daughter is not the issue. The real issue is McCain's ability to run things, do things right, do things professionally and his judgement.

It is clear that McCain did not do his homework when vetting Sarah Palin. McCain met Palin only once months ago and at some moment later had 15 minutes phone conversation with her. The next thing she was at one of McCain's houses in Arizona to be offered the job.

Is this the way McSame plans to run the nation? Shoot first and ask questions later. McCain's incompetence coupled with his temper and bellicose behavior only spells trouble for the nation.

With McBOOM as president, the next time he faces a Georgia crisis, he will explode again, as he did when faced with the Russia invasion of Georgia and without all the facts, push the red button and BOOM! we will be at WORLD WAR 3.

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